The Potomac-Mecklenburg Garden Club was formed when the Potomac Garden Club and the Mecklenburg Garden Club merged into a single entity in October 1992. The Potomac Garden Club was founded and federated in 1933, four years after the formation of the West Virginia Garden Club. The Mecklenburg Garden Club, founded in 1954, was an offspring of the Potomac Garden Club. It was started by young professionals who wanted to meet in the evenings. An early and ongoing cooperative spirit emerged as the two clubs worked toward the mutual goals of the federated garden clubs. The Potomac-Mecklenburg Garden Club became a non-affiliated club in 2016 in response to evolving membership preferences.

The Potomac-Mecklenburg Garden Club continues to thrive and welcomes new members who want to learn about gardening and to make our community a more beautiful and sustainable place.

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The PMGC usually meets the 4th Wednesday of the month at 1:15pm in the Shepherdstown Library. Dates, times, and location are subject to change. Annual membership fee is $25.

Contact us if you are interested in attending one of our meetings, and we'll be happy to get back to you.

The Potomac-Mecklenburg Garden Club is not accepting new members at this time.
Please check back with us occasionally!